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History That Make Us Growing

Starting from the activity of home industry in Pekalongan, central java, in 1974 TOBAL BATIK was established by a married couple ; Mrs. Fatchiyah A. Kadir and Mr. Ahmad Oemar Basyarahil. Tobal was even more growing by the joining of Mr. Eric Summers, an Australian citizen.

With the collaborations of the three of them, Tobal has become an export-oriented batik factory. Its design is modern-contemporer but still with a traditional batik process.

Endless hard working and explorations make Tobal earn its seasonal customers becoming regulars. This led Tobal to become one of the very view batik exporter company.

The name “Tobal” was inspired by the name of a store in Australia ‘Toko Bali’. And the logo hibiscus was selected because in that year hibiscus flower was the motif of batik pekalongan.

20 years experience in serving its customers make Tobal an expert in producing export quality products. Tobal’s products are enjoyed by middle-up fashion people through out the world such as USA, France, Germany, Holland, Japan, Canada, Denmark, Aruba, Puerto Rico, and Virgin Islands.

From year to year the local customers are also increasing. Tobal Batik uses name variation for its products i.e. TOBAL and APAKATA

Uniqueness : The Batik Process Itself

Batik means “process”. The process itself is the trade mark of batik, which is done by hands with no collaboration with modern machineries. Men’s expertise is a must in order to make one fine batik.

Eventhough Tobal is still practicing traditional process, it is doing everything to improve the quality of its products. Through the adaptation of Total Quality Management [TQM], Total Quality Circle [TQC], Planning Production Control [PPC] and the implementation of ISO 9001 – 2000, Tobal is trying to maintain its consistency for customers’ loyality.

All batik process is done under “one roof” (located in the area of 5000mt squares), and easier for Tobal to do quality controlling for all the process, i.e. hand-stamping and hand-writing batik, dyeing/colouring, sewing, and packaging. Also is easier for you to experience and feel the sensation of making batik.

You can also see our collections of more than 3000 batik hand-stamps in this area. These collections are varied from traditional, ethnic, Hawaiian, contemporer to modern motifs.

Tobal is ready to be your partner to develop your borderless imagination in fashion garment collection.

Our Awareness to Environment

In 1993 Tobal built a waste-control installation. This was done in order to lessen the damage of the environment and also to run its programs such as ; Cleaner Production, Eco Efficient, and Green Production.



Tobal Batik Workshop & Store

Jl. Teratai No. 24
Pekalongan 51123
Central Java, Indonesia
Phone : +62.285.423885, +62.819 0362 2117
Fax : +62.285.424912

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Tobal Batik Shop

Grosir Setono
BlokBlok VIP

Jl. Dr. Soetomo
Central Java, Indonesia

Personal Contact :
+62.878 3071 7774


International Batik Center (IBC)
Blok D 8

Jl. A. Yani No. 573
Wiradesa, Pekalongan
Central Java, Indonesia

Contact Person : Mrs. Huwaida Achmad


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